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Penthouse Bau and Penthouse Construction GMBH is a member of Penthouse Holding. The company evolved since 1965 from a family locksmith business to a modern construction company that specializes in the development of Apartments and penthouses in the Vienna area.

The family structure remained in the company always the same: Eng. Herwig Fohrafellner led the company till 2009 with his father, after the death of Mr Stefan Fohrafellner. he leads it now alone.

The locksmithery was passed to his second son Eng. Thomas Fohrafellner who is now specialized in the manufacture of staircases and railings as handicrafts.

Mr. Reinhard Amon who is our site manager always tries to achieve maximum satisfaction for the client. When it comes to choosing subcontractors we primarily take family businesses to ensure the highest quality standards.


Eng. Herwig Fohrafellner
Manager Penthouse Construction
Planning, official channels, construction supervision

„Jeder, der noch nie in einem Penthouse gewohnt hat, hat noch nicht wirklich gewohnt!“


Ahmad Arebi
Graphic designer, web Administrator


Carima Fohrafellner
Partner Penthouse Construction


Eng. Thomas Fohrafellner
Locksmith works with Artistic designs


† Stefan Fohrafellner 12.5.2009
Company founder, steel construction specialist, with years of experience as a construction manager in Austria and abroad.


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Penthouse Bau & Construction Gmbh is a member of the Penthouse Group. The company’s beginning goes back to 1965 in a locksmith family business developing into a modern construction firm specialized in penthouse constructions in Vienna.

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